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Ghassan Kanafani, Wall of China.


Ghassan Kanafani, Wall of China.

Hey Anthony Fantano, please just stick with music


So Anthony Fantano  recently basically said that in a criticism of Anita Sarkesian that media has no influence on the people consuming it.

Whether you agree the content Anita showcases is misogynistic, offensive or not, most of her videos function on the same, flawed premise: That the negative gender stereotypes she finds in these games are harmful to the gamers that play them.

His entire premise on why she’s wrong is a disagreement with tons of scholarly papers on media consumption and attitudes formed by them. No one is saying that media is the biggest overall factor but you’re a fool if you deny that they have any influence.

Anita would never fund an actual study with the tens of thousands of dollars she’s raised, because she knows any such study wouldn’t work in her favor.

There are already studies on media consumption an attitudes influenced by them and a lot of the conclusions support the theory that media does influence cultural and individual attitudes. Go grab yourself a JSTOR subscription and educate yourself.

Slasher flicks don’t make serial killers. Grand Theft Auto doesn’t increase the probability of shooting sprees. Gangsta rap doesn’tcreate gangs. The game Bully doesn’t create bullies. Reading 50 Shades of Grey probably doesn’t increase the likelihood of the reader getting tied up and whipped for sexual pleasure either.

You’re comparing apples and oranges. She’s not saying video games create violent misogynists. Her premise is that stereotypes and tropes further already misogynistic ideas embedded in our culture.

If EA Games were to somehow create and sell a video game titledMysogyny: Women Suck, the only people who would buy and enjoy such a game would be individuals who already agreed with the game’s clearly stated ideology.

How many male gamers who play GTA don’t participate in killing virtual sex workers?

The probability of this game somehow CREATING a misogynist is about as likely as your local library’s copy of Mein Kampf creating a Nazi

Godwins Law, also no ones saying they create misogynists, she’s saying it reinforces misogynistic attitudes.

As a kid, teen, and adult, I’ve been exposed to TONS of media that has displayed women as the weaker, more submissive, and more sexually desirable gender. However, this is not something I feel is reality. Why? Strong female role models, good upbringing, friends, family, amazing wife, and plenty of real-life interactions with women. FUCK A VIDEO GAME! A healthy reality ALWAYS trumps a fantasy. 

That’s all well and good for you, but you are one cis man and for this one positive anecdote I have dozens of others from my own experiences where strangers, intimate partners, friends, and even teachers have displayed the opposite attitudes towards me because of my gender.

I know we tend to blame the media for a lot of our ills, but your real-life interactions and role models play a larger role in guiding your moral and social outlook than any music, movie, game, or book you’ll ever consume.

And there are so many sexist, racist, heterosexist, transphobic, ableist social interactions that can influence a person and ingrain negative attitudes. Media can and does reinforce this.

All in all, it’s same shit, different decade. People have been whining and moaning over “harmful” media for generations. And it should be no surprise that those desperately seeking to be offended lose every time. You can be on that side if you want, but just be a good sport when you take your “L”.

I had a boyfriend who was virulently misogynistic and dismissive of me. That relationship turned abusive and he ended up raping me. How am I supposed to be a good sport about this when I spent a year of my life in hell due to misogyny.

This hurt to write because I like your show and respect a lot of your opinions on music, but this is not a subject that you have intimate knowledge of and your comment of Anita being an outsider to video games is rather hypocritical when you feel free to talk about misogyny and its influence when you’ve never had to feel the direct impact of it


Djibouti, Africa, October 1978


Djibouti, Africa, October 1978

hannibaladies meme: 3/5 ladies: bella crawford

Daredevil Cover Art (2011 - 2014) 

Kimbra - Love In High Places
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Kimbra- Love In High Places


Yumi Lambert at Jacquemus FW 2014 Paris


Yumi Lambert at Jacquemus FW 2014 Paris

I’m working for the emotional support helpline again :)


People defend capitalism by saying that capitalism is the only system that works. Ask someone who’s homeless how capitalism is working for them or those in sweatshops or those unable to get adequate healthcare or education. Capitalism is continuing the destruction of our earth, creating economic inequality, perpetuating classism, racism, ableism, child labor, and so much more. Capitalism doesn’t work, it kills.