Can you explain why you don't like the word Hispanic?


I’m going to quote Sandra Cisneros on this:

"To say Latino is to say you come to my culture in a manner of respect, to say Hispanic means you’re so colonized you don’t even know for yourself or someone who named you never bothered to ask what you call yourself. It’s a repulsive slave name."

freckles/beauty marks w/e chronicles day 15

Roffas, Rotterdam - Ari Versluis (1999)



david fincher films are all the acting bits in music videos put together 

omg do you have a twitter so i can retweet this from you i’m cackling

lol sure @isaac_pdf

FKA twigs // throughglass

i have an interesting idea for a fashion shoot  but I can’t talk about it because you all want to see me fail

Drake - How About Now
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if you fuck up please offer a better apology than calling yourself trash and typing like you have too many fingers and they are all excited