Please stop all this hate.

We aren’t like your oppressors.

We want to help.

Let us.

Don’t push us away.

There are so many more friendships to be made.


"we aren’t like the bad guys" "let us" "don’t push us away"

this sounds threatening and shitty and this whole post is shit and you are shit and there is shit everywhere

What the fuck is this bullshit.

"Tumblr made me pretend I was gender fluid to fit in" like what the fuck kind of asshat shit message is that.


in case anyone at all is wondering why we are always so pissed about “allies”

she doesn’t even address why she shouldn’t be grouped with our oppressors? and like she doesn’t address any of her main points, just says some shit defending herself, and then says ‘we love you all / please don’t hate us’ yeah right man now we’re totally in love with someone who previously fetishised and tried to label herself as genderfluid to “fit in.”

so instead of researching on how to not be an awful ally, or why people ‘group the oppressors” OR even why fetishising and pretending to be genderfluid is horrifically destructive, OP decided to waste their time on this dumbass comic. I literally hate you

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    dont be an ally, just be a decent, informed fucking human
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    it’s unreal how fucking stupid this is
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    I love this girl. Fight the monsters, not the innocent people.
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